Thursday, October 20, 2011


We are celebrating our 29th anniversary here at Bethel Baptist church. Our speaker for the week is Brother Cloud. He and his wife are missionaries in Nepal and Brother Cloud is the founder and editor of Way of Life Ministries. His topic for these next couple days is on the subject of separation.

Tomorrow we have all day services and then on Saturday we will have our banquet. We hope to see a lot of people come out and pray that these meetings will be a challenge and encouragement to fellow believers.

Our print shop also produces his books {I have bound some! :} and if you would like to look at any, you can go here to Brother Cloud's website. We have friendly secretaries that can help you out if you call our church, or if you call the print shop, you can talk to the printer!

{Speaking of the Print Shop, I started working there back in September and have learned so much about the making of books. I've learned to keep the printer going, coiling books, using the binder, UV coater {makes the covers shiny}, the puncher, and stapler. It is really quite fascinating to see the different steps and then the completed project. Of course, it's not without its frustrations, but then what job isn't? It's also been neat seeing author's who I know personally, or know of. If you want to learn more about our Print Shop, visit our church website}

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the messages and the Lord speaking to my heart.

Have a good night!

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