Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giving Thanks {Education}

The Fall season would not be complete without a "thankful" post! Today, I'm thanking God for my education.

When we moved to Canada, my siblings and I attended a public school. I don't remember too much of my time in the system--I remember my older brother struggled in his class and my younger brother didn't learn to read until the middle of second grade {the teacher did not do a thing about this--as ESL kids, we were naturally going to struggle with learning a new language, but communication between the teacher and my parents about his reading problem was nil until the middle of the school year. And, even then, my brother only learned to read because my parents and us older siblings made it a priority.} but me? I remember being with a group of kids smacking a ball that was tethered to a pole; I remember having a cake for my birthday {in each grade--and I specifically remember making one in class in 3rd grade}; I remember having to sit out at a class party {halloween? Christmas?} because I had tons of math pages to finish {it must have been Christmas because the teacher saw them when we were all dumping out desks to "clean" it out and take things home. I hated math as a kid because I didn't understand it and my remedy was to shove it in my desk...until the end of the school year! That was the only time I remember being reprimanded/asked about math.}; I remember we had to learn a square dance and lots of the kids wore cowboy/girl boots/outfits...I remember thinking it was all a little strange!; I loved--and remember her fondly--my third grade teacher; I popped my bottom tooth out in her class while trying to separate Lego pieces...on my birthday :); in third grade we were in a portable classroom; I remember thinking my 4th grade teacher was just GORGEOUS and was so disappointed when she went on maternity leave after Christmas break; and then we got Mrs. Acresh...a French teacher...she was the one who made me do all my math homework in a little secluded room down the, of course I'm not bitter--why do you ask?

Anyway, the summer before I went into 5th grade, my parents decided to send us to our church's academy. We got tested and each one of us had to go back a grade or two {I'm not sure about the boys}. Back then we did Landmark and although super different from what I had done up to that point in my education, it was not too difficult. Basically it is like ACE in which you do the work yourself with just a monitor in the classroom but instead of paces, you have a book for each subject that is divided into 36-week lessons. I remember still struggling with math, but doing well in everything else because the fundamental tool used was reading skills and I was a really good reader.

Eventually our school changed over to A Beka and BJU curriculum and by this time I was back in my grade and although I still had some trouble in my math, I feel like I received a very good education. My English, literature, and history classes were above par because of the teacher I had--seriously, Mrs. Fountain is the BEST. I've always loved reading, but with her, literature came alive and I was introduced to so many good classic novels and writers. And, English. I had so much fun in that class and because of her, my love for it was born.

I have been blessed. I have been privileged enough to attend  Bethel Baptist Academy and then get a bachelors from Fairhaven Baptist College. I know this post is getting quite long, but ever since I began watching some girls after school, I've been exposed to the in's and out's of school in the public system...and it has made me ever so grateful for the education I've received. And, especially after having taught K4 &K5 for 2 years I have so much pity for these poor girls and anger at the system and those who just want to push their agenda along not even caring about the kids they are hurting. The youngest of the three just turned 6 today and she doesn't know how to read; the 10 year old twins have a 3rd grade understanding of math--they're in 5th grade. The methods employed by their incomprehensible. And of course, 'NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND' is their matter how much a child struggles. And I could go on {which I will in a future post :} because there's no end to the discrepancies in the public system.

So thankful we have Christian schools and thankful for the education I received!

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