Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4069.47 Kilometres!

13 days from now, I'm going to be in Alberta.

In case you didn't know, that's a province on the west coast.

In 13 days!!

No, I'm not going on vacation.

I am moving myself {and my carry-on} over 4000 kilometres. away. I've already shipped my most prized books :)

4000 kilometres!

If I was driving, it would take me 45 hours and 33 minutes across the most gorgeous scenery you ever laid eyes on {Except for maybe Saskatchewan: I've heard it was really boring and flat. But, I can guarantee that it would be a much better trip than when I drove through Nebraska with Angela {& the kids} on our way to Utah. Nebraska STUNK. Capitally. So, perhaps Saskatchewan would be boring, but at least it wouldn't stink}.

But, I'm flying so it will only take me about 4 hours. I think. I leave London at 7 and arrive in Grand Prairie at 2:20. BUT, there is a two hour difference. So, I guess it would be 5 hours :p


I haven't flown since I was 5. And, I really don't remember much at all. But, I am not so fond of heights and I will be in the air for quite some time. Much longer than if I was riding on a roller coaster {which I love--get that}.


Ok, ok. I'm breathing. Taking a chill pill. I'm relaxed!

Until the next time I think about...FLYING!

Anyway, I'll leave you with a fun Canada infographic.

{Click to enlarge & Laugh out Loud ;}

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