Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guess What?!?

 Guess What?!? 

There's going to be an Ity-Bity {probably with a set of healthy lungs ;} Baby!

Lots of excitement and love! Sickness too, I should add! Poor T!

But, it will all be worth it in just a few short months.

Starting to show!

We've been trying to take monthly pictures, but I don't know how consistent we've been. I'll have to check my files.

I think this one is my favourite.

Or this one :)

Can't wait to find out if they're going to have a boy or girl! I say girl, but we all know it's a 50/50 :)  Although it totally doesn't matter, we must take note that T has picked out more girl clothes so far ;) I think the vote for girls is down by one, but we will just have to wait a couple weeks to know for sure :)

Whether the Baby is a boy or girl, however is not the most important thing. I know they will be excited with what God blesses them with. I keep teasing her she's having twins, haha. I love twins! But, she isn't too keen on the idea and is quite thankful there is only one heartbeat :)

And, you all want to hear something else? There are 3 other ladies also pregnant in our church! And, one might be expecting twins! Totally excited for that :D

I can't wait to start planning Baby showers!

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