Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Re-visiting Memories

I love photography. I love having my camera handy for "candid" moments. I love capturing memories.

The last couple nights I've been trying to weed through my vast amounts of picture files on my computer and organize everything before I get too many "new" ones. Well, when I came across this file, I just had to stop a while and re-visit the memories they sparked.

This was the last day I spent with my kids right before I left. Just the five of us out for the day on the beach and then the park. What a great day--one I hold close to my heart.

The boys splashin' Beans :)


A beautiful butterfly.

Love the water and how it sparkles in the sun.

Hey, look at me!

Makin' some waves.

Love this one!

They were trying to build a sandcastle, but I don't think it worked out too well.

Love these boys!

Cute Peanut <3 br="br">

Pretty girl!

Digging for gold.

Hey, where's Bear?

Love this one of all of them.

And these last two made it just because I love the colours :)