Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Baby Showers: Unger

One of the activities was creating scrapbook page for T's baby scrapbook.

There was great creativity!

T with Russell, Sarah and Elliot, and baby Hailey...

T and Russell! He's so small!

Sara...she was the last {but not least!} one to have her baby. Exciting!

Good times!

Mmm...look at the goodies!

Best sugar cookies ever! Soft and full of flavour. And, pretty ;)

This is a hot dip made with Epicure spices--so good.

Cheese ball. It was Sarah's first time making this and she did a great job.

A really good pasta salad and a great addition for hearty party food.


Homemade corn dogs.

Refreshing fruit.

Healthy veggies :)

Whoo-hoo! We had a train theme going on.

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