Friday, January 24, 2014

Baby R's First Birthday Bash

My two most favourite parts of this boy's birthday. His love of hats & his obsession with cake.
{Actually, that'd be any kind of food :}

:::The Party Hat Saga:::

"Seriously guys? This is the 4th time you've tried putting this cone-shaped hat on my head."

"It's not where it belongs! I'm pretty sure the manufacturers intended it to be for gnawing purposes. There is, after all, bananas on it!!"

"Oh, please not again!"

Momma had to hold his arms down. Something tells me he is not happy wearing his party hat...

...but tickled pink eating it!! :D

:::The Cake Eating Saga:::

"Oh? What did you say? What do I see?? Is that CAKE?!?"

Patiently waiting while we sing happy birthday. 

Tentatively exploring the texture...

2 Hands now!


I don't know what it is about Baby R...but he is totally fascinated by things oozing out between his little fingers. He loves squishing!

I thought he'd just play with his cake the whole time, but he finally put some in his mouth.

Then there was NO stopping him!

He figured out the fastest way to get it in his mouth and into his belly: suck it down like it was a bottle :P

"Mmmm....nom, nom, nom"

I had to hold the cake stand because he kept wanting to tip it. Finally, he just stuck his whole face in to grab a bite :D

Makin' a FUN mess!!

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!!

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