Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Moments: Flashbacks, I

About 2+1/2 years ago, I found myself driving back to Canada with my good friend, Lore.  This was one roadtrip that I wished I didn't have to make. You see, I had just spent the last two years teaching the most precious children a teacher could ask for.

Sweet children who were my inspiration of being a better teacher.

I fell in love with these guys as soon as I met them.

They were crazy and wild at times. There were days when I wished the clock would tick a little faster. But, no matter what, I just had to look into their eyes and my heart would melt.

Their quirky habits will always stay with me.

I also got to meet and become friends with some amazing people in the church.

I already knew Jordyn from college, and it was really neat to be in "her" church.

I think this was during one of the teen camping trips.

And these next ones of the spectacular banquets held for Valentine's Day :D

A mother + her daughters. Sweet


Siblings :)

Celebrating the First Thanksgiving.

Class Pictures!


{Ps. I'm not sure why the quality of my photos is so poor. It's not like that on my computer, and if I figure out how, I'll change it. Poor quality or not, these photos do bring back lots of memories. :}

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