Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Timeless Treasures: Sibling Love & Happy New Year

My youngest brother turned 5! two weeks before I went for a visit. He wanted to go to Subway for a birthday treat, but we hit up the dollar store for some Christmas decorations instead :p

These two are CRAZY! The little dear on the right is SUCH a gabber...and Ruthie is no longer called by name, but by "little Elsa". According to my dad {and everyone else in the fam} she is a mini-me...of ME. Totally makes me giggle. Love both of these girls to bits.

Ruth, Emnette, and Heyab...beautiful little ladies and growing up SO fast.

Here's all the little guys.

Such sweethearts they are. I had a lovely visit with them.

One final shot :D

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