Friday, January 3, 2014

West Edmonton Mall + Girl Getaway

{Babies R & G}

In September, four of us girls--along with their babies--went on a trip to Edmonton. I had not been to the famous, West Edmonton Mall, and I had planned on going down during Labour Day weekend. Sarah, though, had a brilliant idea: a girls getaway while the guys {their respective husbands} were on their hunting camping trip!

{Cutie Pie G}

So, our trip was planned for the middle of September. Only four of us were able to go, but we had a wonderful time. We took two vehicles down--T and I in my Honda, and Sarah and Sara in the Volvo. Edmonton is approximately 4-4+1/2 hours away, so we got an early start.

Since we had babies with us, it was only natural to shop in places made just for them :D I think the first one was called West Coast Babies? {That's what happens when you try to remember details of forget!} Anyway, whatever store we were in--there was some CUTE decorative items, clothes, room set ups..lots of stuff. I took some pictures on my phone for wall sign inspiration, but they're on my mini laptop :D

We hit up the mall next--pretty sure I got lost somewhere between the baby store and the mall! Good thing we had a GPS :P
Anyway, I think we might have gone in a few stores, but by this time, it was close to supper and we headed to the Spaghetti Factory. That place was fantastic! And, our waitress, Bailey, was the best one in the house. She was kind, efficient, and very accommodating {'Member...we had 4 adults and 3 babies + 1 toddler!}. We loved her! 

After that, I think we hit up Target--although we DO have that in GP, it's not a double-decker ;) We got some snacks for our hotel room and then headed for our "home". After packing a trolley {and boy was it packed!} we made our way into our room. We had two double beds and a pull out...and four play-pens. The first night was a bit of an adjuster, but we were pros by the second night. Mostly because of chocolate.
Just kidding ;)

Our second day was spent at the Mall. It was incredible. There's all sorts of different attractions..besides all the stores in there! There's galaxylandworld waterparkmarine life, and ice palace just to name a few. Here I've taken pictures of the Santa Maria, the Put "n" Glow, and the ice rink. West Ed is just HUGE!

My favourite stores we went in {and that I remember ;} were Bath & Body Works, Anthropologie, a British store {Love!!} and Williams-Sonoma {I absolutely adore their cookbooks. You don't want to know how many I have :p}
{Of course we browsed through many more stores! These are just ones that made an impression :D}

We tried on some hats just for fun. Here's Sara showing an old-fashioned lovely.

And sweet J...

and Baby G putting their cool on with these snazzy, colorful hats :D

Baby E, looking adorable with a top hat. <3 p="">

The Mama's with their kiddos!
{P.S. T and Sara--the one in the back--will be welcoming their second cutie pies in the spring/summer respectively!! Totally excited for them both :D :D}

Sorry this one's a bit crooked. It was in the section of the Mall referred to as Europa Boulevard. It was really pretty. The other theme streets are Bourbon Street and Chinatown.

This is of the Putt "n" Glow...

We had such a good time! It was a little crazy with all the babies, but it was a good crazy. Love those girls and definitely love those babies!! :D I'm thinking we need to make it a yearly tradition--hopefully next time more of the ladies can go. It was just a great time to get to know each other more and solidify our friendships.

Besides...who doesn't love road trips with friends and girl time?!

Thanks ladies! Whatdaya say...wanna go to Jasper?


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