Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Timeless Treasures: Suspense + Contests

T is getting down to the last week or so before she has her baby boy!! I'm super excited for them and I know they can't wait to welcome Baby U :D

T says the baby always kicks R when he falls asleep on T's lap :)

A Timmies is always refreshing!

Baby likes French Vanilla too!! He was KICKING after he had a taste of that! :P

My friend, Sarah over at The Crazy Tailor, is an amazing seamstress who is in a contest called Project Run & Play. There are 6 contestents who sew their hearts out making the best outfit possible for their little {or big!} munchkins. There are different themes each week for 4 weeks--Put me in the Zoo! is the theme for this first week and the posts are up for voting! Pick your favourite and vote! {I'd love it if you voted for my friend!!} If you head over to PR&P, you can see the hard work all the ladies put into their outfits and even be inspired to dust off your sewing machine and create something beautiful. {Incidentally, there is also a "sew-along" contest, so if you are handy with needle and thread--submit your work! I'm thinking of doing one for the signature week, because I've been inspired by the amazing work from the last couple seasons!}

E wearing his cute outfit. Doesn't even look homemade :D

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