Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Timeless Treasures: A Little Miracle + Springtime in Paris

Remember when this little guy was so excited to share his news?

And, a week ago today, I shared how my friend was going to have her baby pretty soon? little darling nephew was born on Sunday night at 11:28 pm!

T was having contractions throughout the night on Saturday, and then all morning at church the next day. As her husband was out of town, we decided to go to the hospital and just find out how things were going so she could notify him.

She came over to my house after our afternoon service, and we had a supper of hot dogs before heading out. T was convinced she would be told it was false labour and end up being sent home, so we brought Russell with us.

We made a quick pit stop at Tim Hortons, but T was soon registering in Emerg and we were told to head upstairs to Triage. The nurse hooked her up to some monitors and we hung out for about half an hour. R was having a grand time looking at all the new things and he was totally fascinated by the beeping machines :D

Sure enough, the nurse told T that she was having contractions, but Baby wasn't ready to come just yet. Maybe in the next day or two. So, we packed up and after dropping me off at my house, T went on home. But, just in case...I had my phone on and beside me for the rest of the evening.

I had just finished folding my laundry, when T called me and told me to come NOW. This was around 9:45? Time started getting fuzzy about this time! I grabbed my keys and wallet and jumped in my car...only to realize I had no gas. {Since I've moved right behind work, I seldom gas up as I don't do very much driving}. Eek! I had just enough in there to get me to the gas station where I did the self-serve and got out in about 3 minutes. T called me and was like "Where are you?!?!?! This baby is coming now!!" ...I flew down the highway. On my way, David called me to let me know he had Theresa call an ambulance.

When I got to their house--thank goodness T had the foresight to tell me to keep the house key when I tried to give it back a couple months ago!!--I let my self in and called out for her. She was upstairs, laying down, on the phone with the 911 operator. She had just had a contraction when I got up there and the lady was timing them. They were about 3 minutes apart, but T was doing good. Their hospital bags were in the middle of the room so--after checking to make sure she was fine--I headed out to put them in the car. Russell and I would follow behind the ambulance. I also had to switch his car seat over to mine and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get it unhooked from the bolt in the seat. Finally, I got one to come out, and I went back upstairs to check on T, and although she was breathing a little harder, she seemed ok. {One thing [of many!] I learned: don't leave a pregnant woman who is on the verge of giving birth no matter how much she says she's fine!} I went back out to the car to work on the other latch. I was just about to go back in when I saw the amber, blue, and red lights of the ambulance. I waited to show them into the house and lead them up to Theresa. The first thing I noticed when I got upstairs {followed by 4 EMT ladies}, was that T was on the floor. My first thought was--"how in the world did she get down there!!?"

I found this out later, but the operator lady told her to get up, gather a sheet, blankets, and a string...preparing for birthing her baby at home. She also asked her where her friend was {me} and I think freaked out a little when T told her I was gone {outside, switching the car-seat} [Sorry operator lady--I've not had kids and had NO idea how fast labour, labour progresses!! Now, I know :P] T was yelling out for me, but two stories below and outside--I heard not a thing.

Well, while the first group of EMT's were there, another ambulance showed up and those 4 ladies came up as well. They were so eager to help in the delivery, but since T had no complications with either of her pregnancies, they decided to take her to the hospital...and deliver on the side of the road if need be!

Can I just say how I'm very thankful for D's wisdom in getting his wife to call 911?! Because, I don't think we would've made it to the hospital in my car for her to deliver! 

Once T was in the capable hands of the EMT's, I rushed around getting Russell ready to go to the hospital. I had finally gotten the car-seat switched over, and 5 minutes after the ambulance left, we sped off in the dark night.

The poor EMT ladies didn't get their wish that night of delivering a baby--but almost! Little Andrew was born about 5 minutes after T arrived at the hospital at 11:28 pm.

A perfect, amazing Miracle.

Welcome, little Buddy! I know your parents are so happy you're here and Russell is so excited to have a playmate! Right now, your cries make him laugh :D And, your Auntie can't wait to take pictures of your chubby little face :)


I have wanted to travel to specific parts of Europe for a long, long time. In fact, for my 30th birthday, I plan on taking 6 beautiful weeks to explore to my heart's content.

Until then, I'm happy to dream :)

Well, this week in Project Run & Play, the theme is Spring Break, and my dear friend created this beautiful look for her daughter! Springtime in Paris! Who's up for that? Too bad this wasn't just a dream. One day. One day :D

Anyway! It's time to vote for this weeks theme, and voting is open until tomorrow {Thursday} until 8:00. But, don't wait till the last second--use this handy link {PR&P SPRING BREAK LOOK} to pick your favourite look for this week.

Check out the Eiffel Tower...she drew by hand on her wall. Amazing, I tell ya! And that coat--I totally want one in my size!! Visit her blog for some more details on this outfit and for more fabulously darling pictures of her model--The Crazy Tailor :D


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