Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Moments: In Everything...Give Thanks

The last several days, I have been relaxing [mostly!] in Calgary. A friend and I drove up--I guess it'd be down!--on Thursday and leave tomorrow morning. Being in a new area, even for a couple days, had moments of thankfulness I want to highlight.

1. The generosity and hospitality of our hosts {my friend's in-laws}.
2. Meeting up with my brothers for some sibling bonding.
3. Getting lost in the city was one way of seeing the sights [although, a little bit stressful in method--I did get to see downtown!].
4. Finding the cake stand I saw at Chapters when I had visited home in November!
5. Attending a good church away from home [all by myself too<< that's pretty big!]...
6. Which made me appreciate my home church all the more.
7. God's amazing scenery--displayed in the mountains at Banff and the [frozen!] Lake Louise I had the privilege of visiting this past Saturday.
8. Sleeping in.
9. Replenishing my stash from Bath & Body Works.
10. Being lulled to sleep by the nighttime country sounds.

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