Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Timeless Treasures: R's Adventure

A couple weeks ago, T, her boys, and I were invited out to Cozy Cove for supper with our friends. It is so quiet and peaceful out there...perfect for relaxing, amazing food, and sweet fellowship. We went out to the dock at the lake, where Russell was absolutely fascinated by all the water. I'll let you hear the story from the boy himself!

Oooh, I wonder what the water would feel like...

Haha, can let me go!

Oh? Huh? Is that a bird?

It is! I see a bird, Mom!

Or wait...that might be a sailboat, actually.

Ooooohhhh, tadpoles!!!

Let me see, Mom! I wanna get close....

How's your grip on my waist, Mom? Pretty good huh...I know, I know--I'm a really fast mover! Well, I don't want you to have a heart attack, so let's move back to the middle :D


I see you!

Okay, enough of that...I want to check out the water again :D

What? What do you mean, "you're done"? Mom...please.....

Oooh, look...the dock is moving every step!

Pretty cool, eh Mom?

Look at what I found! It appears to be chocolate...

...Scratch sweet taste here!

Can  I still keep'em?!

Why'd you all stick me in this tall grass?

I'd rather be out on the water, not stuck in the middle of these itchy things!

Ok, you got your can I come out?

Hahaha.....THIS is what I'm talkin' about!!

I had a really good time with my friends, Auntie, Mom, and baby brother Andrew {you'll see pictures of him later....he was not enjoying his pictures being taken, lol} Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me!

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