Monday, September 1, 2014

My First Dress: Fawn Lily

It's hard to believe that a pillowcase would be the basis of this dress. My friend, Sarah, and I wanted to get together to do some sewing, and she strongly suggested I learn to follow a pattern :D You see, I have this habit of "free-handing" my creations, and while most work out...some don't.

It's pretty important to pin your pattern/materials....nothing stays in the same spot otherwise :D

This was the pattern we used--Sarah made the tunic, and, I made the dress! 

There you go, folks....after picking out three different fabrics, lots of pinning and poking, cutting, a few frustrated sighs, sewing, ripping apart, laughs, and late night ice cream sandwich snacks--the Fawn Lily --from Willow & Co--dress is born.

Following a pattern isn't so intimidating after all. Not when you have great instructions and your very own tutor.

For my first dress, I would say this turned out wonderful! I love the colours and patterns, and this outfit just says classy. 

And, my little model buddy makes the dress that much cuter :)

So, I went from having this... this! 

I will definitely be sewing more...and following patterns! :) Check out Sarah's tunic on her website--I think she did a fabulous job.

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