Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Update

So, I've finally made it back on to my blog. I can't believe that September is almost over. Let me just say that school goes by a lot faster when you're the one doing the teaching!

It's been a very busy month, but such a good one as well. God is good and His blessings are evident to me everywhere I look. School started on September 8th for us and I definitely did not feel like a teacher that first day. It was weired for me to be the teacher. I didn't have an advisory teacher looking over my shoulder that I knew could be my "bail-out" if I needed it. Teaching my K4 class on that first day certainly gave me the jitters. Thankfully,when I stepped in my classroom the next day....well, those awkward first moments were a thing of the past! I have a blast teaching my four kids. They are hilarious--and I mean that. They're also the sweetest, kindest, and just the best! I'll tell you some stories and hopefully the pictures attached will let you envision what happened.

Since my students vary in age--Heather will turn 5 on October 18, Addison 4 on February 23, Anthony 5 on April 23, and Josiah 5 on July 22--it takes a lot of repetition and exact instructions for everything for them to get it.....did I mention repetition?? I think they forget everything from week to week...or maybe day to day...actually I think it's minute to minute!!!! Anyway, on this one occasion, I had given them a coloring page to do. Since each child varies in their coloring speed, I gave them a book to look at as they were finished. As it was nearing 12:00, I was at my desk putting notes in their folders. Well, I've taught them that they must raise their hand before speaking; and they have to wait for me to recognize them before they start speaking. Well we had gone over and over this rule (we actually haven't stopped :) and I thought they were getting it. I hadn't emphasized too much about asking permission before getting up, though---remember to cover all your bases! Well, little Addison and Heather had finished coloring their page and I had given them books to look at. Heather started to speak out and as I was gently reminding her that she needed to raise her hand before speaking, Addison started getting out of her chair! I told her to sit down and that she needed to raise her hand first. She wouldn't do it. This was only the first week of school and taking into consideration her age, I told her once more and pointed out Heather's obedience to my command of raising her hand. Tentatively, I saw Addison's little hand move up. I gave her a huge smile and said, "Yes, Addison?" she said, "I don't need to talk; [I] just need to bring this book up" My mouth went open and I looked at her. She was so matter-of-fact! And of course, since she is my shy and to the point student, I could hear her logic--"Raise your hand if you need to talk"!! Oh, I laughed so much when I was telling her mom later on!

Well, there is one story so far; I'm sure that I could tell you several from each day! Kids do the funniest things! I could tell you so much more, but for now, I'm heading off. I will write more later of more things than just school and I took pictures of the surrounding area which are really pretty so I'll be posting those too. Till next time!

Friday, September 11, 2009

First One

Well, this is my first post...exciting, huh? not. This blog is for updates and pictures; I do hope you'll enjoy visiting it every once in a while, considering my track record for sending out emails!