Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland

 Several weeks ago on a Saturday, I woke up to this all around and crystal clear skies and brilliant sun.

 I was wowed and jumped in my car to see if I could capture any of the awe I felt for God's creation.

 I decided just to drive further north to see the pristine beauty the snow caused on the land.

 It was relaxing to be only one of a handful of people driving around in a sea of white. I looked for some deer {for Dave} but they must have been in a hidey-hole or something.

 It was so pretty. So still and quite.

 Filled my heart with awe for my Creator.

 Driving up and down hills gave sweet views.

 It may get dark really early,

 and temperatures may drop to below -30,

 but, when you look for the beauty in can you not love this season?
 The road just...vanishes into a cloud of white.
 I just love the back country could drive for miles and still be in the middle of nowhere!
 Such magnificent views.

 Lots of ranches and farms around here. And lots of animals...both domestic and wild!

 While driving out of my cul-de-sac yesterday, I saw a shadowy figure on one of the lawns. It looked like a horse, the middle of town? No way...we're close to farms, but not that close. Anyway, I angled my car a bit and turned on my brights. Um...that shadowy shape? Yeah, not a horse...just a cow moose lumbering around in the neighbour's front lawn. I rolled my window down in disbelief and watched as she made her way to the backyard. Alright, if I had any doubts before, now I KNOW I live in the middle of nowhere :D
 {And loving it, by the way :}

 How could I not with such beauty around me?

Happy Winter!

Pinterest: Eclair Cake

 I made this chocolate eclair cake several months ago, but am just  now getting around to posting it on my blog. Ever since winter began--back in early September--I've not had the gumption to go to the library and use their WiFi  {Ok, so winter didn't technically start in September, but it did start on Thanksgiving Day...and the second Monday in October doesn't make it any better!} It's starting to get dark around 4/5 and that is a sign for bed...not galavanting around town!

Anyway, back to the cake :)

It was....different, but pretty good. It was light, fluffy, and a right amount of sweetness. The only thing I didn't like about this cake was the crust. It didn't fit the amount of filling and was--for me--unbalanced. Normally, when you think of an eclair, the filling is pretty much encased by the pastry and the amount of filling to pastry is balanced. I love the idea of this cake and it was good. I will just have to re-work the crust to fit my tastes if I do make it again :) Or, maybe change up the pan size...

All in all...a Pinterest food success :) Here's the link if you want to try it out yourself:

Have a great night!