Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Baby Showers: Isaac

The theme for Sara's baby shower was the circus. My immensely crafty friend, Sarah, planned it and hosted it. She made a lot of the decorations and did a neat job!

Popcorn! She made her own caramel corn and it was so good. Add nifty packaging and you take it to the next level.

I love this beautiful canvass. It fit so well with the colours.

I would love to have an awning like this above my window. The yellow stripes? Regular acrylic paint which she then dried with her hair blower. 

Here, she sewed several of these together for a two-toned effect.

Spring rolls make a regular appearance to our gatherings. They're THAT good.

The next few photos are of the babies, oldest to youngest {left to right} and their personalities coming out. 

Stretch!! The two youngest were still getting used to the wide open spaces around them.

Elliot was content to stay where he was and looked at the camera the most. {Perhaps because his Momma is a photographer too! :}

Looking back at these pictures definitely shows how incredibly fast babies change and grow! And, they're not even a year old yet!

Hailey is becoming the "leaning tower of Pisa". She was a big mover and is the fastest crawler of them all.

Baby G on the end is having a happy dream :D

Russell and his little shoes :)

"Hmm...yes, that IS pretty soft!"

"Alright already! You already know it's soft! Get your own" :D

All's well.

Best buds.

 "Just one more feel..."


I love all these guys so much. They've been such a wonder and have blessed my life immensely. So thankful the Mom's and Dad's don't begrudge my weekly "baby love" fix at church....Baby G is the last cuddler...the others would much rather move around on the nursery floor.

Sarah made the bunting too.

Miss J loves books!

Cookies on a stick. Everything tastes better as a "_pop"!


And, of course, peanuts!! A staple fare at the circus :D

All the showers were so much fun, and it was even more fun to meet all the new babies...

Round two, Ladies? :D

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Baby Showers: Unger

One of the activities was creating scrapbook page for T's baby scrapbook.

There was great creativity!

T with Russell, Sarah and Elliot, and baby Hailey...

T and Russell! He's so small!

Sara...she was the last {but not least!} one to have her baby. Exciting!

Good times!

Mmm...look at the goodies!

Best sugar cookies ever! Soft and full of flavour. And, pretty ;)

This is a hot dip made with Epicure spices--so good.

Cheese ball. It was Sarah's first time making this and she did a great job.

A really good pasta salad and a great addition for hearty party food.


Homemade corn dogs.

Refreshing fruit.

Healthy veggies :)

Whoo-hoo! We had a train theme going on.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Moments: Baby Showers

Sarah's and Tosha's baby shower. The theme was owls.


Oreo truffles in the form of pops...delicious!!

Silvana made the sandwiches--she's a fantastic cook. Her buttered chicken? Absolutely love!

The food table was so pretty...and yummy!!

Nancy's Spring Rolls.
{First time I heard Nancy say she would make spring rolls for church, I was like...wha??? Was she going to shape the [bread] rolls into something that would remind us of spring? A flower? Rain drops? Even when I saw them at our potluck the next Sunday, I didn't recognize them as anything I'd eaten before. But, I tried them {Alberta has opened my horizons on food ;} and love'em.}

Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and garnished with M&M's.

Another angle on the food...

Isn't this a pretty blanket!?

Pretty Baby Girl clothes... 

The diaper cake turned out really cute! And, of course, you can never start to early on one's book collection! :D

T and Baby Hailey {10 Months ago...yup, I'm very late posting these. At least they're up before the kiddos turned ONE! :}

Diaper cake!

Sarah's Mom, Anne, made the wooden blocks and also the silliute above. She does impressive work! Check her Etsy shop, theRUBBERpress. The above were made specifically for the shower, but I'm sure you can find things you love on her site.