Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Moments {In Memory}

I thought I would write about early risers.

Or people who sleep in.

I thought about my irrational fear of flying.

Or how I went through the whole month of March with not one drop of chocolate just to prove to those who personally know me that I don't just consume chocolate to live. I do eat from other food groups.

But all of this was inconsequential in light of the news that I received this past weekend.

One of the sweetest ladies that I know, went Home to be with the Lord. She had a long battle with cancer, and although her body was racked with pain, she was such an encouragement through the emails she sent me.

While I was in college, she would send me cards and letters that would contain some money as well as pictures of my family.

She made the best Mississippi Mud Pie, and knowing that I loved it would make it for many church gatherings. She gave me the recipe in my junior year of high school and I have since made it several times. And I will always think of her.

She was a delightful lady with a wonderful French accent. I enjoyed our conversations, and she was and always will be an example to me.

I can't really reconcile my mind with the picture I have--robust, full of health and vigor--to what people have described for me. I am glad. Not because I'm hard-hearted, but because the memory I have of her is how she was the last time I saw her--almost two years. I have a beautiful picture not tainted by cancer.

And now, she is in a Place where there is no more suffering; no more pain. She is in the presence of God Almighty, singing His praises.

I am so glad that there is an answer for what happens after we die. A lady I was acquainted told of her BIL's sickness and eventual death and how he was in "limbo". Swinging between Heaven and Hell in purgatory. Hoping against hope that he would be good enough to go to Heaven.

How sad. How very sad. I tried to talk to her and show her how the Bible says how we can know for sure where one spends eternity, but she was so steeped in her religion, that she felt sorry for me! Because I know where I'm spending eternity! How Satan hath blinded her eyes!

There are so many religions, but only one answer--Jesus Christ and salvation through Him alone.

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Anonymous said...

So true...what a comfort we have in Christ! So happy for your wonderful memories--and a challenge to encourage others.