Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Science Class in Kindergarten

My students were super excited for science class today. We talked about how God created the world around us, as well as God's plan for every one in the whole world. After that, they got to glue their baby pictures in their books and we discussed what they have learned since babyhood. Finally, we moved on to the interactive, FUN, part of science: Experiments & games :) Today we covered 3 of the five senses.

The first one was sight. They had a picture in their book and they named all the things they could see. Then, I had a tray with eight items on it: chapstick, cell phone, keys, piggy bank, wallet, applesauce, Tylenol, and a pack of gum. They had 10 seconds to look at the items and then tell me what they saw. It was interesting to note that, although I did it twice with them, they could only recall 5 items each time.

We also played a little game in which one of the students left the classroom and the others switched around while one student faced the blackboard. The goal was to see if the student who faced the blackboard would be able to name the missing student upon turning around. I think it would have worked out really well if we had a bigger class--with four students {2 boys & 2 girls} it wasn't a difficult exercise for them.

Next we talked about our sense of smell. I blindfolded Superman and had him smell three items: onion, lemon, and perfume. He was able to get the perfume, and the onion but couldn't name the lemon until after he saw it. That was interesting to me as well. I'm going to have one student try during each science lesson with different items, so we'll see how the other kiddos do.

Then was my favorite: taste! It was hilarious watching their faces! I had some unsweetened chocolate {but I didn't tell them it wasn't sweet, haha} lemon juice, marshmallows, and chips. Something bitter, sour, sweet and salty.

Of course, they were really excited to see the chocolate {who wouldn't be?} but as soon as they stuck it in their mouth--one could definitely tell they ate something horrid.. So, in my kindness, I let them eat the marshmallows next :) I really do love my students.

After that, each child was wary when I offered them some lemon juice...their faces just puckered up! The whole time I heard "Eww!" "Yuck!" "May I have more marshmallows?"  We finished our class time by eating something salty--chips.

I wish I had pictures, but I was laughing too much--We had a great day today and their excitement for science class is really contagious!

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Kristi said...

Harrison gets really excited about Science also. Sounds like it was a great lesson.