Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Dating Game

My project for today was going through all my containers and tossing out what I didn't need. The containers are not huge, and for the most part, had very little in them. Why then did I have all these containers? To take up space. Literally.

Anyway, I started going through all my college papers--reading a paper here and there, trying to make heads or tails of class notes from my freshman year-- and wondered if these papers were worth keeping. I stopped when I came across the title:

How A Girl Should Look At A Guy
{dated, September 15, 2006}

Is he spiritual
Does he pray
Does he love God
Does he have wisdom
Does he want God's will more than anything else
Does he have character
Is his room/house clean
Does he do what he is told, as well as above and beyond
Is he manly? Don't get a guy who will follow fads.
Is he loyal
Does he always listen to authority
Is he a good money manager
Does he treat his parents well
Does he have leadership qualities
Is he stable
Does he have convictions
Is he physically clean
Is he goal oriented
Is he unselfish
Is he active in his church
Is he considerate and kind in how he treats others
Does he have sound judgment on decisions
Does he control his temper
What type of friends does he have
Is he a hard worker
Does he have a healthy body
Does he tithe
Does he have discernment
Is he real/transparent

What a list!! The tables could be turned and this could also be titled "How A Guy Should Look At Girls". This list was given as a guideline to all of us mostly immature college students, but it definitely got me thinking when I read it this afternoon.

This one is a keeper, put aside for further thought {and blogging posts} sometime in the near future.

By the way, I was able to whittle down my my college things into one legal sized envelope {I started with three} and I only have two containers that have stuff in them! I am liking this purging and organizing.


Dustin said...

I definitely remember this list, Elsa. It was a lesson from Preacher in CE class, if I'm not mistaken...definitely worth keeping!

Nicole said...

I too remember this from CE and have looked at it on occasion; agree with Dustin...definitely a keeper!

Elsabeth said...


I can't remember if it was a whole series or just two sessions...I have a page of notes from the previous week, too.