Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lots of Pictures!

Here are some pictures {in no particular order!} that hopefully paint a picture of this part of Alberta. The pictures do not do justice to the majestic pines or fields of rippling canola. They don't capture the sense of smallness you have when the land is stretched out before you--on all sides--far beyond your eye can see. It seems as if the heavens and earth meet and the world really is flat. The sunsets are glorious and the sunrises make getting up early a treat. And the clouds. No words for those. God's creation out here is just beautiful. I am so looking forward to fall and all the gorgeous colours!!

I look at this and think, Thomas Kinkade.

This one too.

This is in our little town. There are several silos and trains.

Dave captured this little guy playing by the tracks.

This is also in our town. I love the reflection in the water.

Love the colours!

These are from a couple weeks ago when we went out to Cozy Cove. It's a little campground where people can park their campers and just relax. {Our church is having family camp there in just a few weeks} Anyway, Ray & Silvana invited us out there for supper {had SO much fun with them & another couple as well} and we were able to go the lake to watch the sunset.

Old cars for Uncle Randy :D

This one is fuzzy, but it's a BUFFALO! To some of ya'll, it might not be a big deal...but this was the first time I had seen one up close and personal. Well, as personal as you can get with a fence between you :p I remember there were a TON of mosquitos!

This is the Wap-i-ti River. I remember seeing this from my plane ride and thinking, "Yuck, that is so muddy!"  Well, it was just as muddy from ground level! It is a very fast moving river that starts up in the mountains and causes its browness. I will admit though, with the sun shining on it, the Wapiti sparkled!

Dave got this one of a woodpecker. Pretty neat.

We went to look at dino bones and there was a dry creek bed we had to cross...FILLED with stones. Next time Dave says we're going for a hike, I'm wearing my running shoes. I wore flip-flops because I didn't think we were going to pretend we were Lewis & Clark, :p

There's quite a few of ranches around here. It almost feels like the Wild, wild West, :)

Lots of old barns too. And old houses. And just old stuff in general hidden in some hidden fields.

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