Thursday, July 11, 2013

Homemade Chicken Burgers

I love cooking new things and making up my own meals--either a new creation or a fabulous re-make on an old. Cooking, in my opinion is SO much more forgiving than baking. You can throw in a pinch of this and a pinch of that...or a cup of this and a cup of that...for most dishes, there is no difference if you alter the recipe {whereas, with most baking recipes, precision and accuracy are encouraged for yummy tasting and looking desserts :D}

Anyway, a friend of mine is headed back to the Island {Victoria, BC} with her husband and kids for vacation, and last night was the only time we could fit in a visit before she leaves--on Friday morning! They live about an hour and half from town, so it was [past] supper time before I made it out to their hobby farm.

Since she had ground chicken, I suggested we make chicken burgers.

Tosh mixed the chicken, bread crumbs, 1 egg, fresh garlic, minced onion, and some herb&garlic seasonings--before shaping into patties and placing on a heated pan that had a little bit of oil.

She sliced up some avocado...

and tomato for hers...

I kept it simple with just a bit of mayo and pickles :D

Tosh thought pickles sounded good too...

and mustard!

And, instead of using bread, I put mine on a bed of lettuce and Tosh wrapped hers in lettuce.

Really, you can put whatever you want on your will taste good, no matter what!

I love the drive out to their place. The scenery is breath-taking, whether summer or winter. Yesterday we had dark clouds most of the day and a little bit of rain. In the midst of a dark and angry sky, this little puff of cloud was snow white. It made me smile so I had to stop and take a picture! Good thing the roads out there aren't too busy!

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