Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life After Death

Today we had a memorial service for a gentleman who recently lost his battle with cancer.

It seems that more and more, this word cancer keeps cropping up everywhere.

Mr. S was told by the doctors that he had about 3 months to live. I'm sure that he had thoughts about death, but more importantly, what would happen after death.

Being given a death sentence sure has a way of making people face the reality of there being an afterlife. I think in circumstances such as these, God--in His grace--is giving a sinner a last chance to accept His gift of salvation.

This man was not a member of our church--one of his sons comes--so I really did not know him. But, you know what? I will see him one day in Heaven. Because he received the grace of God and called on Jesus for salvation. And through his death, over 100 people who came to his memorial service heard the same Gospel that was told to him--some for the first time. And people were once again given the opportunity  to decide what they were going to do with Jesus. Some perhaps will shrug it off and say, "Ah, I'm young yet". Others will go on believing how they always have, blinded to the Truth. Some will give it deep thought until the business of life crowds in and they forget about it. And one or two might get saved. Regardless, the Word of God has been planted in their hearts and minds, and God promises that "it will not return void".

God is not willing that any should perish, and in His grace He calls to sinners--at whatever age, and whatever stage in a person's life.

What will YOU do with Jesus?

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