Saturday, May 17, 2014

Celebrating Canada: Visiting Banff & Lake Louise

Today we spent most of the day at Lake Louise and in Banff National Park. The Rockies were nice to see in all their majesty, and it made me feel quite small and in awe of our Creator. 

I loved the winding roads up and down the mountain side--even though I had to keep popping my jaw to get my hearing back :D

Only spot that wasn't comletely frozen over. I was pretty disappointed not to see the emerald green waters of Lake Louise. I suppose May is still too early for spring/summer temps up in the North!

Chateau we ate lunch in.

Lake Louise is a little ways past Banff, so we headed there first and then backtracked to the mountains.

It was overcast pretty much all day, but didn't rain until we headed towards Banff. Most of the rain came while we were traveling, and we were able to stop and get pictures in Banff.

The "Castle". That's what someone referred it as when describing the Banff Springs Hotel. I can see the resemblance!

Bow Falls

The Gondala. You can either walk up the mountain and get a free ride back down or take both ways in the Gondala. Personally, I liked having my feet on solid ground, so I didn't go up. However, my parents did, back when they visited Calgary several summers ago, and really enjoyed it.

So, now I have been to Banff National Park, and Lake Louise!

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