Friday, November 13, 2009

We "camped out" in the living room. We even had a fire! After playing "Duck, Duck--Goose!" and a round of "Bean Bag Toss", the kids settled in to watch a fun cartoon. Here they are sprawled out among pillows, blankets, and each other!


Side view.


One of my bulletin boards so far as a "First-Year Teacher" :) This one I actually put up in the first grade classroom for the month of November. I personally can't wait to put up things for December!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My students

My students

The two boys on the left (Anthony, Josiah) and the little girl sitting (Addison) are three of my students. The day I took this picture, Heather had already gone home. The little boy with Addison is Jack. He's in the daycare along with Abby and Ashlyn--the two girls on the right, respectively. They come to my classroom in the afternoon for nap time--my favorite class ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Already November?!?

I know, I's November 2nd.....I've fallen behind on my quest of keeping in touch with you. I don't know what it is....I think I just need to schedule the time in. Or, do it on days like today. It feels like it's midnight, but here in Kennan, it's only 9:30! It get's really dark around five--we might as well be in the Arctic where they hardly get any daylight! And here, we just switched our clocks back so we "save" daylight!

Anyway, how are you doing? It seems like since I've gotten out of college, regular emails and such slowed to halt. At least, I'm on the band wagon again, huh? We just finished with our harvest party and it really was a lot of fun. Jessica Orr (she's the first grade teacher here) and I were in charge of the Kids Room. We had ages 2-6. First we played musical chairs, which was a hoot. Ashlyn (Pastor Morrow's 2 yr. old daughter) cracked me up the most. She had her thumb in her mouth and was nonchalantly walking around managing to say in for several rounds. I thought for sure she would win--she didn't, of course, but one of the first grade girls did. So we beat the boys ;) Next we played Roll the Apple with your Nose--imagine little kids with their faces to the ground pushing apples--let's just say we had some "Kodak" moments! After this we got them settled with a snack and once finished, finding hidden scarecrows. We played Donuts on a String (competition between two: tie a donut on a string and they have to use just their mouth to eat it off. No using hands, and nothing can fall or you lose.) After this we played Bean Bag Toss--which Jessica really got into. Our last event, of course, was a Candy Scramble. We all had fun with that one ;) The adults and older children were in the gym and overall, we had a great time.

I'm still enjoying my teaching career. I think teaching four year olds is one of the best grades to teach. I never thought I would enjoy teaching young children, but, it's soooo rewarding to be the first one to teach them how to write their letters, recognize and say the sounds, know their numbers....I could go on. I'll share on of my "success" stories :) Since I only had two students last week, and only two today, we've been practicing our writing a lot. We've been working on writing our vowels. We've gone over the "house" and "upstairs, downstairs, basement" concept, that I repeat it in my dreams! Well, capital I lives in the upstairs and downstairs and he has a "hat" and "shoes". Got it? Well, my K4 class "got" it; or they thought they did (and me too ) but capital I was living all over the house--just upstairs; downstairs and basement; or, all three! BUT--Today, one of the students who has been struggling with this GOT IT!!! She did it perfect! I was so proud of her :)
I do hope that all my kids are well's really not that fun to teach to only 2 students (not that 4 is a super huge number either:)

Our church is continuing to grow, and I am very thankful to be part of it. We run between 70-90 people on Sunday mornings. The majority of the church are baby Christians who have a sincere desire to grow and that is a huge blessing and encouragement to me.I enjoy working in the church and the school. I'm very glad to be here, but I can't wait to see all my old friends again.
I know this is not a very good blog considering that I've not really shared much, but I do hope that you enjoy reading it. Wish me luck for continued posts! ;)

Until next time