Sunday, October 23, 2011

Song of the Week {Calvary's Blood}

 What a price was paid for our souls!! When I stop to think of how I got saved and the course of events that transpired: I am simultaneously humbled and grateful that He chose ME.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


We are celebrating our 29th anniversary here at Bethel Baptist church. Our speaker for the week is Brother Cloud. He and his wife are missionaries in Nepal and Brother Cloud is the founder and editor of Way of Life Ministries. His topic for these next couple days is on the subject of separation.

Tomorrow we have all day services and then on Saturday we will have our banquet. We hope to see a lot of people come out and pray that these meetings will be a challenge and encouragement to fellow believers.

Our print shop also produces his books {I have bound some! :} and if you would like to look at any, you can go here to Brother Cloud's website. We have friendly secretaries that can help you out if you call our church, or if you call the print shop, you can talk to the printer!

{Speaking of the Print Shop, I started working there back in September and have learned so much about the making of books. I've learned to keep the printer going, coiling books, using the binder, UV coater {makes the covers shiny}, the puncher, and stapler. It is really quite fascinating to see the different steps and then the completed project. Of course, it's not without its frustrations, but then what job isn't? It's also been neat seeing author's who I know personally, or know of. If you want to learn more about our Print Shop, visit our church website}

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the messages and the Lord speaking to my heart.

Have a good night!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Editor

Tonight I found about the protesting going on at Fairhaven Baptist Church.

My first thought? This so absurd. It makes me so terribly upset {read super angry} how truth is so incredibly TWISTED. All of this is so one-sided; I do not see anyone doing a segment on how much good FBC has done for so many and the many POSITIVE experiences MANY people have had while there.

But, of course...who wants to hear truth? How would truth make an interesting story? A shocking headline. It's so much "juicer" to dig up "dirt".

To be completely honest, I thought the interviews with the ex-members was superficial. Like they were putting on a show to be on national TV.  If they really had something to say...could they not have done it with the person who wronged them? I am pretty sure when people get into arguments/situations they do not televise it and turn it into a scandal. Of course not. What TV station would give them the time of day?

If just for the sake of journalism...why not let the other side fully speak their mind? Show what we have to say? And just as you did not have one "spokesman" for the group you interviewed but each had a "voice"...I expect the same courtesy extended to us. Oh, and no is so famously done to get your own agenda across. Why do you not want the truth to get out--are you a coward? But of course: once the truth comes out, than you will have been played the fool.

Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again;

Th' eternal years of God are hers;

But Error, wounded, writhes in pain,

And dies among his worshippers.”

William Cullen Bryant