Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Sunday Morning

As I walked to church this morning, I first came to notice the stillness. The peace of an early Sunday morning. The grass sparkled with dew drops in the morning light. There was a light breeze rustling through the trees over to the side of the road. I heard the birds chirping in praise to God with the crickets joining in chorus. I heard the gurgle of the creek by the railroad track and saw vibrant wild flowers in full bloom.

I saw the bunny's ears perk up at the sound of my footsteps and scurry along back to his friend where they both watched me from under the safety of a parked car. I saw bales of newly mowed hay which gave the air a summery smell. I heard the neighs of horses as they snickered to each other in fun. The lazy bark of a dog as I passed his house. I walked under the shade of towering trees, and crunched through leaves that have already fallen. I heard the chattering of a squirrel who was cross that I would dare walk under his tree!

And than, I crossed the street and saw my church.

And I was glad that today was Sunday morning.

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. Psalms 122:1

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep--I Sweep My House Everyday...

These pictures are from last year....that's why it is during the day :)

One night during the teen retreat, we were all enjoying the warmth of the fire and each other's company. Stories were told to frighten--although that didn't really work out--as well as entertain. We also played a little game, well, more of a riddle than a game. It went like this. Someone would stand in a prominent spot close to the fire and pretend to sweep while saying the words: sweep, sweep, sweep--I sweep my house everyday.

So, PJM stood up, cleared his throat and did it to show us and then he asked for volunteers. His wife, Crazy Lady, jumped up, ceremoniously cleared her throat, and did it. She got it! That encouraged several other teens to do it who got it as well. Now, call me cynical, but I think those teens remembered from last was just too bad I didn't :).

Anyway, there were still some teens who didn't quite get it. Was it supposed to be methodical? Have a certain time and rhythm? I didn't know....we all stared intently as each one tried their hand at it.... and they were applauded for their genius....or sat dejectedly back in their chair. So, clearing his throat,  PJM did it again....Mrs. R caught on as well as some other teens. It was crazy, they didn't even have the right stance or rhythm!

Another one of our teens tried (she really is a blonde at times) but having no clue as to how it was supposed to go, she asked Crazy Lady to do it again (actually, each time CL showed them, she did it differently) but was still lost..... I just pushed my chair back in the shadows--I had no idea what it was!

Finally, I leaned over to Mrs. R and asked her what I was missing....she told me to see, each time someone got up to do the riddle, they cleared their throat.....the motions were not even part of wonder Crazy Lady did whatever she wanted to and still got it! I shook my head, but decided to try it and see if that's what it was.....I was a genius.....with help :) Blondie on the other hand, wasn't as fortunate to receive help....I think she's still trying to figure out why she didn't 'get' it but everybody else did! As for me, I just hope I remember it next year!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Last night I heard the most cutest thing that not only made me say "awwww", but also brought tears to my eyes.

I was talking to my family--whom I have not seen in quite a while (they live in Canada)--when one of my little sisters came on the phone; actually, I'm quite often on speakerphone so the little guys don't accidentally disconnect while talking to me. Anyhow, it was a mass confusion of talk as if we were sitting in the living room and just enjoying each other's company. I should mention that I come from a family of 11 kids ages 26 to 21 months.

It was getting late, so the kids were getting ready for bed. While I was talking to my mom, my little sisters were ready to say their prayers and go to sleep. I got to listen to my beloved sister, Ruth talk to the Lord in her own sweet way (she has Downs and although there has been much improvement in her speech, she still has trouble enunciating her words.) Then I heard movement as though they were trying to get comfortable when in fact Heyab was trying to get the youngest boy, Dawit (David in English) off of her. He was using her as his 'pillow' :) Aren't brothers the greatest?

Anyway, once that was settled and each found his own corner, Heyab broke out in her nightly singing. I couldn't quite hear the words or tune, but it was cracking me up. Apparently, she sings quite a bit; so I asked Mom if she would put the phone closer to Heyab so I could listen in. Then, surprisingly on key, she sang the first verse and chorus of "How Deep the Father's Love For Us". I was so surprised because with most three year olds I've heard sing, it's always hit and miss on words and tune. And for the most part, I only hear them sing the songs they've learned in Sunday School. I was simply amazed at my little spitfire sister. I wish I had a recording, but I know that I will always treasure the memory of her sweet voice singing one of my favorite songs.

 "How Deep the Father's Love For Us"?

How deep the Father's love for us, How vast beyond all measure!
That He should give His only Son, To make a wretch His treasure.
How great the pain of searing loss, The Father turns His face away;
As wounds which mar the chosen One, Bring many sons to glory.

Behold the Man upon a cross, My sin upon His shoulders--
Ashamed I hear my mocking voice, Call out among the scoffers.
It was my sin that held Him there, Until it was accomplished;
His dying breath has brought me life, I know that it is finished.

I will not boast in anything: No gifts, no power, no wisdom;
But I will boast in Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection.
Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer.
But this I know with all my heart, His wounds have paid my ransom

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Teacher's ABC

In going through some of my 'teacher' stuff, I came across this ABC acrostic written by students for their teacher. Enjoy!

Teacher's ABC

A is for the abundance of questions and yearning
B is for both inward and outward beauty
C is for creative learning
D is for doing it over "until it's right!"
E is for effort you pour into preparing each night
F is for watching how far we can go
G is for seeing us blossom and grow
H is for reaching for that star so high
I is for imagination, for the courage to try
J is for joy in touching a child's life in a meaningful way
K is for kindness you bring children each day
L is for the love of teaching we see
M is for the "me" you're helping me to be
N is for never being too busy to pray
O is for overcoming our desire to stray
P is for positives you bring to each
Q is for the quintessential way you teach
R is for your willingness to give us a reason
S is for teaching us to appreciate each season
T is for touching those that sit before you
U is for understanding our fear of all that is so new
V is for the vitality you show each day
W is for ever wonderment you bring our way
X is for the extra special teacher we see
Y is for our sense of yearning to be, and
Z is for the zeal God has given to you and me!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Advocate

My Advocate

Martha Snell Nicholson

I sinned. And straightway, post-haste Satan flew
Before the presence of the Most High God,
And made a railing accusation there.
He said, "This soul, this thing of clay and sod
Has sinned. 'Tis true that he has named Thy name,
But I demand his death, for Thou hast said,
'The soul that sinneth, it shall die!' Shall not
Thy sentence be fulfilled? Is Justice dead?
Send now this wretched sinner to his doom.
What other thing can righteous ruler do?"
and thus he did accuse me day and night,
And ever word he spoke, O God, was true!

Then quickly One rose up from God's right hand,
Before Whose glory angels veiled their eyes.
He spoke, "Each jot and tittle of the law
Must be fulfilled: the guilty sinner dies!
But wait. Suppose his guilt were all transferred
To ME and that I paid his penalty!
Behold My hands, My side, My feet! One day
I was made sin for him, and died that he
Might be presented faultless, at Thy throne!"
And Satan fled away. Full well he knew
That he could not prevail against such love,
For every word my dear Lord spoke was true!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A couple weeks ago I went to Culver's with one of my friends. We were in the town of Minocqua and so on the placemat they had different area events.
Some were normal:

Spring Arts and Crafts Show

Independence Day Celebration

Christmas in Minocqua

New Years Eve Fireworks

Some were just different:

Summer Thunder Motorcycle Rally

Wife Carrying Competition (In memory of carrying their wives over the threshold? :)

After Loon Delight Craft Show

Wheels In The Woods Bike Ride


Zoo  Boo

The things that give pleasure in the Northwoods :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rained Out!

Camping in the rain is not fun but you sure make memories! Yesterday, we awoke to find the sky overcast and dreary; this however, did not deter the plans for the day and the teens & chaps went tubing for several hours. When they came back, they had a late lunch before heading to the field to play flag football.

They weren't gone but maybe 10 minutes when the skies opened up and it started raining. I thought Mr. R was going to bring the teens back...but I suppose if you're going to be wet, you might as well enjoy it! They finished their game while we played Phase 10 back at the campsite.

Thankfully, the rain stopped by the time we were ready to make supper: hobo pies (last year was the first time I had heard of these and for those of you who don't know what they are: on a piece of foil you place a pat of butter, slice of onion, 4 or 5 potato rounds, couple carrot coins, topped off with meat patty--last year we used hamburger patties; this year we mixed our own--sprinkle salt and pepper and any other spice you want. Wrap it up with the foil and then double wrap that. Place it in the coals of your campfire until ready to eat--about 15 minutes.) After supper we were relaxing around the fire when the sky began lighting up. As one of my friends said it was between a light bulb about to go out and a strobe light. We began to sing songs and share testimonies. I was so comfortable sitting in my chair...toasty warm....and just enjoying life when I saw two blue lights suspended in air. They were too high to be people holding flashlights--I really did not know what they were. Anyway, I watched these lights until they came to OUR camp....hehe...they were flashlights--or head lights. The people who came over told us that there was a warning for severe thunderstorms and winds--perhaps even a tornado! And, at a campsite where you have to provide your housing and such, guess where the safest place would be during a tornado---at the outhouse! Ewww is right!
Well, we had about 20 minutes or so until the storm was to hit so we continued to sit around the fire. Our next song was Till' the Storm Passes By :)

Pastor than came and told us that when the storm hits the boys would go in the big van and the girls to the ladies camper. Even before he finished speaking we felt great drops of rain--Splat! We all scurried about securing things so they wouldn't blow away before going to our gender specific places to wait out the storm.
The wind howled; rain pelted the camper windows as the thunder boomed and lightening flashed through the sky. The camper was a bit cramped, but it was dry :) Since there was extra room in the camper (Crazy Lady had gone home for the night) Mrs. R said that it would be ok for us to sleep in there with her. Three girls shared the bed and I took the floor (call me weird but I don't like sleeping with people who are not under 5:)
Now, normally, once I'm asleep, I'm out; but Mrs. R said that in the middle of the night she heard the boys screaming  like girls and running past our camper to the van. In the morning we found out that out of the 3 tents the boys set up for themselves one was flooded, and the other the poles had snapped causing the tent to collapse. As for the girls tent, it too was flooded. My suitcase was soaked inside and out as well as my extra pillow.
What a night! I'm just glad that this all happened on Saturday night. We left our campsite at  7:30 and headed back to civilization and a washer/dryer machine :) Now we just have to do damage control at the campsite and we can finish off our week on a good note :)