Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Vacation: A Beautiful Day

Elizabeth did a beautiful job playing!

Trying not to be nervous ;)

The sweetest flower girls! They are so cute :D

It was wonderful hearing Mrs. G sing again! Beth walked down to her singing "O Glorious Love Is This" was just beautiful :D

What a gorgeous Bride!

With Grandpa Unger

Putting on the rings!

The KISS!! Awww...

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Matter!!

All the Swiss folks sang some songs in German and did an amazing job! It was a privilege to meet them and have them in Canada.

Love these two, and miss them already! Looking forward to visits from them, and having a chance to go to EUROPE!!  :D

Ok, so these are blurry because I was an unprepared photographer :( My flash wasn't working, but hope you don't mind :D

They released these balloons which were tagged with their address in Switzerland. If you find a balloon/tag and mail them a get Swiss CHOCOLATE!!! I'm hoping on lands in Alberta {although, I'm pretty sure the wind was blowing the wrong way ;)}

It was a beautiful day, a gorgeous couple, and lots of love to them as they start a new life and adventure in Switzerland!!

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