Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well, the much anticipated teen rally has come and gone. I really did not know what to expect--I guess just a bunch of craziness!
Anyway, PD and his family came up with some teens from their church. The two days were filled with activities, food, and preaching. The theme was military and the teams were Air Force and Army. Overall, I think the teens enjoyed themselves and it was a very nice break from routine for me.

These girls were watching Baby Boo, while Crazy Lady did registration.

Almost ready to start.....

This was a game that involved walking/running to the other side of the gym and popping a balloon on the other side. All this with out dropping the balloon in between the partners! It was close, but the Army won.

One of the battle casualties......

Water balloon hand grenade toss

Firing with a sling shot....

....and a BB gun :)

Unfortunately, my camera has continued to give me problems....I think the non-technological cameras are better! Only problem would be I couldn't post pictures--but that could help with my writing skills :)

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