Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A game of Candy Land.


Little Mom

Perfection Queen
There are some things I'm very particular about in my classroom. I expect and want my students to respond with a "Yes" rather than a "Whaat?" or "Yeah" and definitely more than a shrug/nod. So, if I call one of my students and they say, "Whaat?" I respond with "Excuse me?". They quickly change to a meek "Yes?". Except, of course, one of my sweet preshcool girls. Instead of saying "Yes", she says, in a most cute voice, "Excuse me". The first time she did it, I thought she was being obstinate; but, then I realized she thought she was saying what I wanted to hear. She's getting better, but still slips back--"Excuse me".

"Excuse me"

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