Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Timeless Treasures: Library Fun

This past Saturday, Sarah, Theresa and I took the kids to the Library. Sarah wanted to take some pictures of her little boy for Project Run & Play {So EXCITED for this season!!} and our library is really big with gorgeous lighting from the many windows.

After we finished taking the pictures out in the cafeteria part, we went to explore the children's section of the library. J loves to read and look at books so she picked one out for me to read.

This one was a listen-along book and she was pretty fascinated with the disk "you play on Daddy's computer" :)


E was thrilled to be crawling in such a big open space as our library :) You'll have to check out the new season of PR&P {starts THIS Monday--March 24th!!} for the adorable shots Sarah captured of her little boy wearing the cutest clothes she made for him. The whole outfit looks like it came from a store--she did such a good job! I'm really excited to see the other contestants entries as well--I'm amazed at the creativity of those who enter the contest!


J and R found the computer station and were captivated by the book being played.

Until R decided he like feeling the book in his hands :)

T playing with her little boy....he would just laugh and laugh--so cute.

"Whoa Mom! Look at her eyes! They're huge!!" R wasn't particularly thrilled about checking this one out for movie night ;)

We all had so much fun! I love going to the library, on my own or with friends :)

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