Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Short Update

1. I gave my first ever two weeks notice. I had a job with a grocery store, but things were just not working out. During the week of training I had 24 hours; the next week 10; then 5; and the last straw was getting only 4 hours. I understand they don't "guarantee" me any hours, but seriously? How is anyone supposed to make ends meet on 4 hours a week? Perhaps it is because I'm new and I would have to "work" my way up, but how long am I expected to wait? The last time I was in there looking at the schedule, two other employees were complaining they only got a couple days off--I would have gladly traded them!

I have jokingly said I would teach overseas...but that is looking more promising than looking for work here!

2. I have been looking for a cheap car just to drive around to and from work {when I get some} and have not seen anything promising until right now. Hopefully, everything works out! It's a green Honda and looks to be very well maintained, but I don't know the first thing about the running of a car, so I'm going to ask David's Dad--a mechanic--to look at it with me. I'm soo excited too because it's just down the street from where I live!

3. My parents are going on another trip...this time to Washington and they are taking all but three of the kids with them. Erm, Ruth, and Heyab will be staying with me.

4. My Dad's birthday is on Thursday and he will be turning 48 years old! My Dad is going to be in his 70's before my youngest brother is in his 20's! Crazy.

5. And for all of you interested in my border issue...

I have a plan tentatively set for the end of the month to go up to the consulate to talk to them in person, but after doing tons of reading and research online, it looks like I can't go back to the States for the complete 10 years. Unless, I marry an American--then I would need to do tons of other paperwork stuff. We'll have to see how things pan out, but my optimism and hope is running kinda low right now.

So, that's all for now; hopefully soon I can do an update on answers to prayer!

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Sharon said...

Hey Els,

My mom always said, "Keep your chin up!" Still praying for you & your "border issue," as you call it. Joshua 1:9 has been a good encouragement lately. Kind of covers all of the bases as far as fear & discouragement. ;-)

Have a great day!