Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not a Normal Thursday: Losing Wisdom

Normally, Thursdays are set aside to showcase yummy treats I've baked up.

However, today is not a normal Thursday and I have been given specific orders to sit on my couch and read, watch a movie, surf the nothing strenuous. I'm cool with that.

"Why?" You ask.

Ahhh, because I finally got my wisdom tooth pulled out. The decaying one. The one that inspired my amazing pancake recipe! [Have you tried it yet?] And, the one that has caused excruciating pain until I was introduced to Mersyndol with codeine. Then it was just a dull throb.

Anyone else experience teeth pain? I totally understand and empathize now!! And, seriously, if you haven't gotten it taken care an appointment now.

So, after over a decade of not going to the dentist, I was forced to go last Wednesday. I had x-rays of my teeth done and was told about my wisdom tooth that needed immediate removal as well as cavities that needed filling [5, but 3 were in the wisdom teeth] and strong suggestions to get the other wisdom teeth removed sometime in the close future.

I was put on antibiotics and told I could get my tooth pulled this past Tuesday. Since it was Easter weekend and the office was closed, I waited till Monday to call and leave a message, as well as give them a ring, Tuesday morning. The secretary told me they didn't have any openings till the following week. Well, that wouldn't work--I have plans this weekend and all of next week and on top of that, the pain was killing me.

My sweet friends strongly encouraged me to go to a different dentist. So, I called one they were all advocating and was able to book an appointment for this afternoon at 2. Let me tell you, I was a bundle of nerves. First I had to go to the original dentist's office to pick up a copy of my x-rays and sign a release form. And then head over to Dr. M's office just over the train tracks--all within 15 minutes. I didn't want to be late for my first appointment!

I made it with 5 minutes to spare [no worries, speeding was not involved] and the secretary gave me a new patients registration form to fill out. I had just sat back down after handing back the clipboard, when a assistant called my name. She had me sit in a dental chair, and after answering some questions, the Doctor came in. He looked in my mouth, told me the basics of what I needed done, and then asked me if I wanted him to remove my tooth. I took a deep breath and said yes.

He proceeded to freeze my mouth in several different spots. He started off by numbing the gums and the inside of my cheek. Half my tongue froze too, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't intended :D Then I felt pressure on either side of the of which made me say owww and cause my eyes to fly open. The whole time he was telling me to breathe in deep and let it out slowly. I think my clenched hands and my tightly shut eyes were an indication of my nervousness. He was very gentle and kind and did a thorough job. When he was done, the assistant
[I wish I could remember her name!] had me watch a short post-op dvd and then I got to watch a tiny bit of Chopped Canada?? One of the cooking shows that Alton Brown is host of. It was pretty of the chefs had to cook on an upside down wok! It was amazing. [I didn't get to see who won, though...hope it was her!]

I digress.

When Dr. M came back, and he tipped me back in the chair, I felt my heart racing. My imagination has run wild ever since I was told I need an extraction, and my co-worker's words, "I didn't want to be put asleep because I didn't want to choke on my own blood" kept haunting my mind. It was all for naught. I did hear bone crunching--eww, so gross!--and lots of pressure, but I didn't actually feel him pull it out and when he straightened, I was amazed it was over so fast.

Five minutes and it was out. Painless. And no worries of having any trouble from that tooth again.

Moral of the story? Have regular check-ups with a Dentist. And, get your wisdom teeth pulled out--they just beg to get cavities anyway. Saves you the trouble of paying to get them filled :D

Ps. I think the tooth is pretty cool. Gross and fascinating all at the same time. I know I'll appreciate the photos, as I'll most likely lose the real thing :D

Now, where's that Mersyndol?

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