Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here They Are

For my first-ever-made-by-myself card, I decided to imitate one of Jimmy Dean's. Mine did not turn out like hers--not even close. And, I was disappointed that I could not translate the image I had in my head to the paper, glue, and embellishments around me to create my first "masterpiece". So, anyway, this was my final product of what I deemed as my guinea pig card.

The inside
The front

The back
Earlier that evening, we decided to go to the library where I got several books; being disgusted with how the card turned out, I thought I should just stick with my regular hobby: reading. So, while the other two were diligently working on "WOW" type cards, I tried to be inconspicuous as possible while reading. It didn't work too well, and after many "Oh, I'm almost done this chapter", they got me started on some more cards.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Back in 2008, I found a calendar that I thought was oh-so-cute. After my flop of trying to make my own from scratch card, I turned to these pictures and just played with matching paper and cardstock...My friends, Jimmy Dean and Jorge, helped me out with embellishments. Anyway, once I started, I actually got into it. Of the twelve pictures, I was able to make seven cards. I hope to finish the rest soon.

 I had such a good time laughing, eating, making cards--it was a memorable night.

And perhaps, just perhaps, I may have found another hobby to fill the coming winter evenings. Thanks Jimmy Dean and Jorge!

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