Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Moments: In Everything...Give Thanks

When you look for blessing in your life and things to be thankful for...there's no end. And, you know what? You become a happier person when not feeling sorry for yourself and looking inward, but looking towards God and what He's done for you and continues to do.

You can find my first list here and the second here. Recounting my blessings is a blessing in and of itself!

1. I'm pretty excited to have won a $25 gift card to Amazon from a fellow blogger friend, Valerie from I decided to use my gift wisely...and look forward to getting America Test Kitchen's The Science of Good Cooking and Martha Stewart's book, Cakes. They are supposed to arrive this Wednesday!!

2. The sincerity in compliments I receive from friends, and even strangers!

3. The opportunity to be a part in children's lives, and for the parents letting me.

4. My own apartment {period!! :D} with freedom to sing at the top of my lungs in the shower. And no one judges ;)

5. Baking, frosting, and eating cookies with Sarah for our church Ladies Tea this Saturday.

6. Messaging my sister makes me laugh all the time.

7. Hip-hugging laundry baskets. Seriously, they make all the difference in having a stress free laundry night when you don't have your own washing/dryer machines. Carrying your basket full of clothes, detergent, change, and keys...Yes, it's come in handy!

8. Books. Without question one of my loves. History, biographies, mysteries, cookbooks, fiction, non-fiction. Anything but sci-fi...and please {unless it's a children's book, but even then I'm not quite sure} keep non-humans non-talking. :D

9. Colour. Can you imagine how drab and lifeless our world would be without colour?!

10. God's love. So vast, and so great.

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