Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Project!

Tonight was our monthly Ladies Bible Study and this was the craft/project we enjoyed making.

Small glass jars
Suction cup
Flower clipping

You need to cut the wire about twice the length of your arm--from palm to elbow. Next you twist the wire around the neck of the glass jar, leaving a loop on one side for the hook of the suction cup. Twist the loop down until it just fits the hook--obviously if it is too big, the jar will off the suction cup.
On the other side, you need to add beads and twist the wire to keep the beads from slipping off. You can make your own pattern and crazy design.

Twisted the wire around the neck of the jar; ready to begin putting beads on.

Assortment of beads.

All beaded and crazy looped!

Finished product with flower clippings!

Very simple to make, and great root starter that looks pretty as well. The lady who showed us how to make these started out with this little jar and now as a "humongous" plant at her house. The challenge has been issued to see if anyone can beat hers.

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