Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Timeless Treasures: A Rant & Rave

This about sums up how I feel today.

My muscles are screaming at me for slipping on our icy roads. After about 6 weeks of doing the balancing act trying to stay up on my feet, I fell 3 times before I got to work this morning. My back hurts. My hips ache. My wrist and knee both are telling me to relax.

My pride too. I'm just glad no one was around to see me this morning :D

Later, I found out my car battery died. I'd forgotten to turn off a light. Oops. Anyway, a friend of mine said he'd jump it, so I started cleaning the snow off. I lost my footing and fell yet again. I can just see myself turning shades of blue :P

I just hate the irresponsibility of those in charge of our city.

I personally know of several people who have severely injured--a couple to the point of surgery--themselves because of the conditions of the sidewalks.

So, we are told that the problem of not having enough snow equipment and workers prohibits the city from doing their job.

Here's the thing though. We aren't next to the Pacific Ocean, like our neighbours to the West of us. We don't live in Texas. Or Arizona. And, most definitely do not have the balmy, beautiful temperatures of Florida.

We are in northern Alberta...where, get snows. And, we get freezing rain. And, once in a while, we are blessed with a Chinook in which we get a taste of future spring weather.

So, if you, as a native northern Albertan, knows what an average winter is...wouldn't you *gasp* prepare for it??

We've been discussing this at work for the last several months. The weeks it takes to get roads plowed. The piles of snowdrifts as "medians"{which by the way is so incredibly dangerous because you can't see the oncoming traffic unless you pull out and are practically IN the lane}. The unusable sidewalks.

I mean, we are paying taxes for a reason, right? And what more of importance than public safety? I'm all for being a responsible citizen and doing my part to help and being patient while they do theirs. Only problem, they aren't doing their job.

And I really wish they would.

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