Friday, April 22, 2011

A Fundraiser

Back in March, the Upper Learning Center students went to Oshkosh for a student convention. ACE students in the region were brought together to compete in a wide variety of events. Well, for their first time of being at an event like this, our students did pretty well and all of them placed in almost all of what they entered.

This qualified them for internationals. All the way in Virginia. That's a big trip. In order for them to make this trip a reality, the ULC needs to raise $4000. I don't know all the ins-and-outs, since I am just the Kindergarten teacher, but I know the students along with their teacher have rallied and brainstormed to think of ideas for fundraising.

They sold Seroogy's chocolate bars to raise money for regional and decided to go a different route for The Trip.

Today we had a pancake supper fundraiser. I was able to get only a few snapshots since I was one of the ladies manning a griddle for pancakes. It was a fun night and I would say the fundraiser was a success! They exceeded my expectations of how much would be donated :)

The people pictured are not even half of who helped--we had fabulous leaders and so many pitched in at the end for clean-up.

If all the ULC's fundraisers go as well as tonight, they will have their money in no time!

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