Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Saturday

Well, the snow is back here in the Northwoods. Sigh. I really thought that spring was on its way. Especially after seeing pictures of blooming flowers on all my friends blogs, I thought that our own bulbs would peek through the soil.'s not to be--at least for this weekend.

I had made up my mind to make pancakes this morning, as I've not made them in a while. I didn't want leftovers, and I didn't want to make my coffee cake using any extra batter so I figured out ingredients for just two servings.

By the way, this cooking for one gets awfully irritating! Several weeks ago, I made a goulash; I still have two containers of it sitting in the freezer! No, no; I'm not a fan of cooking for one! And then sometimes I wonder what the point is of making food if I'm the only one eating it? But, I'm not a fan of boxed/canned/frozen convenience foods simply because I never had that growing up. And, some of the stuff tastes just horrid. I wonder what other single people do?

Anyway, I turned my griddle on to preheat while I made the pancake batter. I thought it was a little weird that the griddle wasn't that hot when I touched it, but spooned some batter onto it anyway. While they were cooking *I thought*, I started doing my dishes.

I kept checking, but there were no bubbles forming and well...the pancakes were just sitting there. I was getting sorta frustrated when Marsh came in the kitchen. I told her that something was wrong with the griddle because pancakes do not take 20 minutes to cook.

Well, she walked over, felt the griddle and checked the thermometer. In a sickly sweet voice {I think she was trying not to laugh} she said, "Well, I think your problem is that you have it on warm and not on 350 like you think." way! But, it was true. I had not turned the knob all the way {blonde moment?}, and my pancakes were cooking on warm. Actually, they were just sitting there like bumps on logs.

Marsh will go down in history as "the girl who fixed the pancake griddle"...Good thing Marsh was around!

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