Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celebrating Canada {A Canadian Alphabet}

A Canadian Alphabet
Written by Mike Ulmer
Adapted by Sue Fountain and Tracey Unger
{A School Play}

D is for Dionne and five little girls who drew millions of people from all around the world. Emilie, Cecile, and Yvonne made for three; the set was complete with Annette and Marie. Born during the Depression, they were a welcome, cheerful story--although, their lives separated from their family were not too happy.

E is for "eh", our national obsession for ending each sentence, not with a period, but a question. It's a Canadian habit, as polite as you please, to give every listener the chance to agree.

Two people begin a conversation:

First: School's almost out for another year, eh?
Second: Three whole months without homework, book reports, projects, and tests, eh?
First: What will we do with all the free time, eh?
Second: Sleep in every day, eh?
First: Except Sunday, eh?
Second: Eh?

Both persons smile at each other, quite pleased but are then surprised by someone saying:

I thought Tim Horton's double, double with rrroll up the rrrim was our national obsession, EH!! While we are on the subject of healthy drinking and eating, did you know that Ganong chocolates are Canadian; that Archibald Huntsman, a  Canadian, came up with the idea of preserving food by freezing it before shipping; that Canada Dry Ginger Ale is really Canadian; and, that 3 million apple trees in North America can trace their heritage back to John Macintosh's farm in Dundela, Ontario, EH?!

*Forgot to mention on previous "Celebrating Canada" posts, that all pictures {unless otherwise specified} are from Google Images*

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