Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bella Notte

Whew. We can all breathe a little easier now that our Valentine's Day Banquet is over for another year.

It was wonderful. The Ives were here from Oshkosh, and they sang, serenaded us during the meal, performed skits--along with Crazy Lady--and were just a blessing.

One of the skits was so funny. Mr. Ives and Crazy Lady sang a love song while a couple from our church lip synced at the front of the room. Mr. Ives sang in his deep voice and the Lady would move her lips and look adoringly at her husband. Then, Crazy Lady would jump in when it was the Husband's turn to sing!

In between skits and songs, we served Zumba soup, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Tossed Salad, Garlic Bread {Yum!}, and for dessert--Tiramisu. The chefs did an amazing job and everything smelled and looked delicious. This was the first time I had tasted tiramisu, and I thought it to be a cross between cheesecake and fake eclair. There was supposed to be a mocha taste, but I didn't taste it until after I finished with the dessert. Still, it was really good :)

I was part of the serving crew and only managed to get a few pictures. Initially, I had it on the wrong setting so a lot of my pictures ended up being blurry/dark--here are a few I was able to salvage.

 {Hard at work? or hardly working? ;}

{Mr. Ives dressed for a skit; Two Italian waiters; The Lady and Husband lip sync to words sung by Mr. Ives and Crazy Lady}

Bella Notte!


Anonymous said...

Whats the matter, couldn't Joe grow his own mustache??


Elsabeth said...

Monkey, give him some time...I'm sure when he's reached your own status of being happily married, he'll grow one in no time ;)