Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Moments {What A Night!}

It snowed today here in the Great Northwoods. But not enough for us to have a snowday. Yes, the wind was blowing and snowdrifts were piled high--But the storm warnings were only in affect until noonish.

Anyway, after school, I headed off to Wal-Mart. Peanut's birthday is on Wednesday and I need to get some other things...and knowing myself, I probably wouldn't have been able to go or get everything done before her big day {She is turning 5!}.

I had three of PJ's kids in the big Green Turd {seriously, that's what they named the van} and we headed off a little bit after 5. Let me tell you that the roads were not the greatest. After having warmer temperatures this past week, and hardly any "big" snowfalls this winter {we haven't had ONE snowday...well, at least not because of snow, anyway--just b/c the power went out}, so I grossly underestimated just how Northwoods snow*storms* could be.

I should have turned around, but after a unanimous vote to keep moving forward, that's what we did. I just prayed fervently that God would protect us. And He did, obviously, because here I am writing this post :)

Anyway, I had a gas card to get gas, but when I pulled into the station {after I had missed the first entrance and had to go down the side street} I stopped at the pump that had a bag over the nozzle. Oh boy. I felt stupid, and just left--telling myself that I'll just get some gas on the way back.

On our return, the needle on my tank was getting quite low, so I was thankful to see the lights of Hawkins. I once again pulled in, and stopped at a different pump than earlier. Only this time, instead of a bag covering the nozzle, I couldn't pump any gas. I checked to make sure that it was not a pre-pay, or anything like that. Finally I just went in {nobody was around :} and told the guy in charge that it wasn't working. He was an older gentleman, and told me to just go ahead and pump--he would authorize it and I could just come back and pay. I had given him my card and told him the balance, but he still wanted me just to go pump, and come back.

So I did. I came back in, swiped the card--and the register flew open. Oops. That wasn't supposed to happen. Then he punched in the balance that was on the card, $28.98, and told me to swipe again. Nothing. Finally, he just took the card and said that he would do it himself. So he swiped. He said that the register wasn't reading the card. What?! How is that possible!?!

The card was for a different gas station {wow, did I ever feel blonde at this moment!}. In my defense, the gas station used to be a BP when it was across the street, and I had not gassed at the station SINCE they moved. How was I to know that it was different? I suppose I did see the sign, Northwoods, but it must have never clicked that they were DIFFERENT than what they used to be.

He was really gracious, as I'm sure he realized that I was confused {I'm sure the other two people behind me were wondering where this bumbling ninny had come from}. We finally got things squared away, but I know that I will never forget this night!

I wonder if I had blonde roots as a baby?

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