Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Counting Down the Days

**We took a "surprise" field trip today. If you recall, some ladies from church were teaching the girls in our school how to knit/crochet/cross-stitch, and we went to see how yarn is made. In my mind I was thinking of a factory, and so I was greatly surprised to find the bus pulled up in a farmyard. {I'm not really sure why I was surprised seeing as how we do live out in the boonies!}
     Anyway, the woman who ran this independent "factory" was very informative and explained how all the machines were used as well as showing us her loom and sock knitter apparatus. She was very friendly and just had a sweet spirit as she gave us tour of her business.

**My class has been practicing really hard on their program, and I hope they do well on Sunday night. Ugh. It makes ME nervous just thinking about it! I definitely feel for Jimmy Dean who will have to do it next year--but, I'm soooooo glad it won't be me!!
--side note, this time last year, we were officially on summer break....*sigh*

**My room looks so bare :( I have taken everything off the walls, cleaned the blackboard and whiteboard, and stripped the bulletin boards {I put a little graduation diddy on them so doesn't look too bad}. On the one hand, it looks so drab and depressing...on the other hand, "Hurrah!! School is almost over!". Mixed feelings give me a headache!

**A week from Thursday, June 9, I will be leaving the Great White North. I have a ton of packing/sorting to do before than because I took a break earlier this month. I'm also going to do "inventory" with Jimmy Dean of all the K4 and K5 material I have.

**Whew. I'm so glad that there are slow times in between the fast times. Back to school, Thanksgiving/Christmas, Report cards, Lesson Plans, Trips, Graduation and of course the many responsibilities in between when you are rushing to meet deadlines without cracking under pressure and making sure you remembered absolutely everything! But, what is life if not busy? I would be bored out of my mind!

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