Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taking A Walk

When the girls and I woke up this morning, it was to find the skies overcast with a threat of rain at any moment. Sure enough, a little later the skies opened up and we heard the gentle pitter-patter of a spring rain. We were a little disappointed not to go out, but held out hope that it might not rain all day.

Well, late afternoon we were delighted to see the rain let up and see enough patches of blue sky to venture out for a walk. I put Baby Boo in her stroller while the older girls put on their flip-flops...we were all excited to be heading outside! There was a touch of humidity in the air, but the breeze caressing our skin made it bearable.

It was a pleasant walk for the most part. Supergirl's incessant chattering scared away the birds and bunnies and any other wildlife lurking in the brush--only time she was speechless was when a dog started barking and she didn't know its origin! Jac did her best to not step on any worms and was scared silly when she felt herself squishing one. Baby Boo just made cooing sounds--content to be pushed along.

At one point, trees lined the sidewalk and it was exciting to see little baby leaves glisten with the earlier rainfall. On our way home, the sun was a hazy ball of fire in the west making the rising fog over the plowed fields much more visible.

Ahhh....I'm so glad spring is finally here!

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