Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bathroom Makeover, Part One

I am excited {and a little bit nervous} to start the bathroom makeover.
I picked to do the bathroom first, because 1. it is small :), 2. it is so dark and dreary because there is only one window so I want to make it bright and cheery.

It's such a brown room--so dark!

See the wallpaper--well, it's not really wallpaper, but I forget it's proper name at this precise moment.

I'm not sure why they put this cupboard here...there's not much storage space in it as the shelves are only about 2" deep.....and the mirror just makes you look disproportionate.

Even the floor has brown in it. As well as mold stains where water seeped through. And the ceiling, too, has lots of stains.

Dave, the paint guy at Wal-Mart, is a retired painter of over 30 years. He gave lots of tips on paint as well as the correct way of painting. I got a primer that will kill off the mildew and stains from coming back after I paint the walls & ceiling.

But, before I started all of that I took down all the extra "things" in the bathroom that were just making it look cluttered and wasting valuable space.

It instantly made the room look much bigger--even Marsh thought so!

I'm trying to decide if I should paint the top half a dark color and the bottom white/cream; or if I should paint the bottom half a dark color and the top a white/cream. I'm also going to paint the ceiling--white maybe?

Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google

Decisions, decisions. Well, right now, my first priority is deep cleaning and then priming.
Here goes nothing!


Anonymous said...

First tip: Don't buy your paint at Wally World

Second tip: Only get paint on the walls.

For some reason I think it would be funny to watch you trying to paint...


Anonymous said...

Darker on bottom/ white on top--I love the inspiration picture! It looks a lot like your room...

Elsabeth said...

DU...I told my roomate about your comment and she has threatened to catch it on camera. Of course, since I'm the strong one, I doubt that it will come to pass ;)

Mrs. M--that's what I thought too. That way, I don't have to put tape up by the ceiling :) Hope to have it all done by this weekend!