Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Oh Boy" Teaching Moments

Once the students arrive in my classroom, we spend about 20 minutes talking about their night/weekend, discuss the weather, ponder the course our country is going, the economy and how it's holding up, foreign affairs, how Canada  is better than the States--in short, Homeroom 101 for Kindergarten. It's fun, stimulates their minds, and {normally} all their stories are out of their system until lunch time.

Since yesterday was a snow day for our school {and the entire county}, we had extra to talk about. One of the last things we talked about in our science class on Tuesday, was hygiene. God wants us to keep clean. How? By taking showers/baths; brushing those pearly whites; washing hands; wearing FRESH clothing EVERY day; just to name a few examples. I threw out applying deodorant and aftershave or perfume--depending on thier gender. They thought it was hilariously funny. I spoke in all seriousness of keeping my nose from the Abominable Nap Time Smell.
This was a lesson they definitely needed to hear as nap time is becoming quite unbearable for my senses. Once those darlin's take their shoes off....let's just say that when they're in my warm classroom, sleeping for about 3 hours....Ewwww is right.

So the first thing one of my students says is, "Miss Tesfamariam, I took a shower last night...and I have clean clothes on today". This statement sparked similar ones from two more of my students. The last one forlornly looked at me and said he did neither. At least he was truthful, and 3 kids out of 4 will hopefully balance each other out at nap time.

This discussion led into why we have to change our socks/tights every day. One of my students said it was because our feet sweat. Good logic. He then proceeded to mention that another student in our school {who was brother to one of my students} squeezed the sweat out of his socks and drank it. I gagged and before I could say anything, said boy's sister piped up with and emphatic, "NO! He does NOT do that!!!" But, she didn't leave it at that. In an effort to keep her brothers honor, she kept going and said, "No, my brother takes his clothes off and sleeps naked." I gasped, utterly horrified at what she'd just said. I was helpless to stop her because I was SO socked to hear it come out of her mouth. In the blink of an eye, the words left her mouth that I would have never in 20 million years expected them to pop out. I immediately told her we don't talk about things like that, and we moved on to numbers class. Mercy me, they definitely don't have a sensor in front of their lips!

By the way, I asked her mom later on, who assured me that her son most definitely does NOT sleep in the buff. At least completely.

Keepin' it real in Kindergarten 101.

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