Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Observations From Living In A Girls Dorm

A list, thoughts, muses, nuggets, words of wisdom to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors....some things about my first time living in the dorm {in retrospect}.

1. Not every girl was a "morning" person. Therefore, belting out "Here Sheep" before girls have had their showers and morning coffee did not win anyone any favors. More than likely, you would get glares and muttered "Shut-up Be quiet!".

2. If you're going to hide under the bunks in your friend's room to scare the living daylights out of her and cause mass hysteria, don't do it 15 minutes before lights out. I guarantee you will have the law on your head. By your Dorm Mom. And she is definitely not one to be messed with.

3. Even if your poor friend is all alone in her room because her roommates work late, or have gone on an Ensnob trip, don't sleep in her room. She's not gonna die--she's a big girl and can handle sleeping alone for one night.

4. Please, your laundry. Once a week at least. And if you're prone to stinky-ness--better make that once a day, especially if your hallway, let alone your room, gives off a distinct smell...and it's not roses.

5. Along with #4, please bathe regularly. Which means not once a may have been able to get away with that when you were a young tot with your habitual, Saturday Night bath, but not anymore. Be clean; smell good.

6. It's kinda pathetic for you to time garbage take-out to a guy walking up the road. You know the appendages at the bottom of your torso? They're for walking. So, walk your own trash out to the dumpster.

7. I have never seen so many girls apply make-up at one time.For some, it improved their looks; others, had gobs on; while others didn't look any different from going Au natural.

8. It's probably not a very good idea to soak your roommate in the tub. I'm sure there are better methods of settling arguments.

9.  White Glove = Cleanest days of dorm life. Two days of the year in which olfactory nerves would not have to suffer abominable smells. It was glorious.

10.  Dorm life was an experience like I've never had before. And one I don't ever want to repeat. But, it was great while it lasted.

11. There's supposed to be a HUMONGOUS STORM headed our way tonight, in which case we will hopefully have *no* school tomorrow. See ya all tomorrow!
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