Saturday, March 26, 2011

Craft Show

Today I went up to a town about 20 minutes away and "helped" Bear's Mom with her booth. I went along more for moral support as she was the one who put all the time and effort into making cards/setting up Close to my Heart products. I had a lot of fun people watching, and I got to meet the ladies and gentleman who ran booths next to us.

Here is my Crafty Friend's table. I should have taken up close pictures of the cards--they were super cute!

The lady beside us, Jessica, was a consultant for Butterfly. It's a company that sells boutique type things--jewelry, purses, lotions and so on. I really liked getting to know her; she was really sweet. And her friend that was with her was so funny--it was so good meeting them.

On the other side of us was Hilary selling everything from spices to bread mixes to ice creams. She was a consultant for Tastefully Simple. Although I was dying to ask her age, she seems pretty close in age to me. She was so interesting to talk to because she had visited so many different countries.

As craft shows go, I wasn't very impressed with the selections that were there. After we set up, I walked around the building and the only thing that really caught my eye was the Amish table. Having heard so many things about their cooking, I bought some cinnamon rolls {3 for $1.50} and a raspberry moon pie for $1. The rolls were ok, but the pie was delicious! I'm going to experiment and come up with something of my own and see if I can match it.

But, once more people started walking in, I just sat in my little corner and watched people come and go--and some were quite the characters! Finally, towards the end of the day {we were there from 9-5} I went into the gym where they had bigger business on display. Those weren't too impressive either. Probably because I'm not into anything they were trying to sell! These last items I thought were worthy of pictures to show you:

Overall, I had a wonderful day meeting new people, and, essentially, coming out of my shell.

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