Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Moments {Scary}

Have any of you watched Anne of Green Gables {I love, LOVE the first two...the last one, not so much b/c it doesn't follow the story line. If there's gonna be a movie based off a book, than it should follow the book, right?} ANYWAY, remember the part when Anne fell off the roof doing a dare and ended up twisting her ankle? And then while she and Diana were walking back home, they were going to the take the shortcut through the forest--and Diana said, “Oh Anne, I'm so scared!” (Anne) “So am I. Deliciously scared.

Well that's what I do. I scare myself--crazy, I know, but true nonetheless. My town is so small; I could probably walk the whole thing in an hour. There's also not very many street lights...maybe 10 at the most. I've also seen a Mama bear and her two cubs {I know they're in hibernation right now...but still}, I hear coyotes all the time...and wolves...and lots of people have told me stories about cougars. And of course, the bogeyman could get me. Small town living can fool you sometimes you know...and even if I screamed, Marsh has already said it would do me no good because she doesn't hear anything! So, what good is a housemate if they can't rescue you, pray tell?

And now, the maintenance man for our church has been telling me stories of churches around our area being robbed, and I should be careful. Our church, being an old school building, is already scary enough with all the moans and groans it makes.

Tonight, I was walking up to church at about 9:30 from my house--just down the street. Not far at all, and yet it is so dark out. Hardly any stars, and the big, bright moon from this past weekend was no where to be found. It's a bit windy out, so the tree branches were already scraping against each other and the side of the house. I walked more towards the middle of the road, because I got spooked yesterday when something bounded into the brush beside the sidewalk. And I have my trusty red and white 2ft. umbrella.

The closer I got to church, I became puzzled. The school hallway lights were on. And in the copy room. As well as the Kings Kids room downstairs.

My  mind went into overdrive. I wonder if its some church-thievin' vermin's? But on the other hand, it could just be some of the Upper Learning Center kids practicing for regionals {they leave in the morning for competition and....well, fun!} with Crazy Lady. I wasn't for sure, so I called my housemate, Marsh.
"Hey, it's me. Can you hear me? Look, there's a lot of lights on over here! Do you know if the ULC kids are in there?"
"I don't know; Call Pastor"
"No! I can't call them--it's 9:30! Maye I'll just check it out; Investigate. I'm going in....if you don't hear from me in a couple hours, make sure you call the cops."
"Elsa! Just call them! Ok, whatever--just stay on your cell while you go in."
"Ok, I'm checking the outside--OH, NO! The hall lights just went off! I'm going to peek in the Kings Kids room....I can't see through these blinds...Oh, ok...I found an opening....."

Relief. My legs turned to jello knowing that I didn't have to stave off any bad guys with just my umbrella. It was just the girls...from the ULC. My thoughts? I should go scare them! I only got Crazy Lady and one of the girls because they came upstairs before I could go down. Too bad they weren't staying the night--That would be a great time to scare the daylights out of them!

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